The All -In Colorado Podcast

Episode 1 - What is All-In Colorado?

In 2015, Peer Assistance Services was awarded the Substance Use, Misuse, and Abuse Prevention for Working Adults contract by the Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health(OBH). This was one of five Statewide priority initiatives awarded in the Prevention block grant, but uniquely, this one was specific to adults. We found a great need to bring attention to the impact that substance use can have on workplaces.

Episode 2 - What is an EAP?

Employee Assistance Programs by definition are work-based intervention programs designed to assist employees in resolving issues that may be affecting their work. EAP’s were developed to focus on alcohol and substance use problems but have grown to cover a variety of other concerns such as child care, relationship challenges, financial or legal problems, wellness matters and traumatic events like workplace violence.In this episode I sit down with Libby Timmons, LISAC, CEAP and Tamara Cagney,Ed.D., CEAPto discuss EAP services and trends.

Episode 3 - The Cost of Workplace Substance Use

An estimated $6,120 per second is lost to lack of productivity and healthcare costs across the United States because of drug use. Coloradans rank higher than the national average for alcohol use, binge drinking, marijuana use, other drug use and the non-medical use of prescription pain relievers.

Episode 4 - Alcohol in the Workplace

For adults over the age of 21, alcohol use is legal. As long as you aren’t drinking at work it doesn’t seem like this could have an impact on your work day. In this episode we talk to Carolyn Swenson, MSPH, MSN, RN to discuss the health risks and possible workplace implications of alcohol use.