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How does an employer approach becoming a 'recovery-friendly workplace'?

Gov. Chris Sununu announces the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative on March 27. Courtesy photos What does an employer have to do to become a "recovery-friendly workplace"? For Matthew S. McKenney, workforce development manager at Hypertherm in Lebanon, it is no longer automatically terminating someone in recovery when they have a relapse.

Take This App and Call Me in the Morning

Health tech companies are making a big push to digitize medicine, introducing novel tools like digital pills that track when patients take their drugs and smart spoons that can automatically adjust to hand tremors. Now they want some patients to get prescription treatments from the app store as well.

Are you high? The science of testing for marijuana impairment is hazy, and evolving

The evolving science of testing for marijuana, and the lack of consensus over what to make of the results in determining impairment, is a defining feature of the drug. It separates marijuana from alcohol and creates challenges for lawmakers, police and prosecutors, not to mention users.

Colorado Employers Rethinking Drug Testing

Eight states and Washington, D.C. allow for recreational cannabis, but none have solved the problem of workforce drug testing. Zero tolerance polices are being reconsidered in light of legalized pot. SCOTT SIMON, HOST: Even in marijuana-friendly Colorado, anyone can be denied employment for using the drug.